Warren Virtual Learning

Last Updated: 1/12/2021 2:44 PM
Warren Virtual Learning is a “stand alone” program in which students are enrolled in Warren Local School District, virtually instructed by Warren Local teachers, but do not attend any In Person instruction.
Key Aspects of Virtual Learning
  • Enrollment in Virtual Learning is on a semester basis. Meaning, if you enroll in the 2nd semester, you must stay enrolled in Virtual Learning for the entire 2nd semester.
  • Students must have access to reliable internet and a device that is capable of running Google Classroom and other various educational programs. All instruction is virtual, there are no distribution, collection, or provision for the use of paper in Virtual Learning.
  • Virtual Learning is done in Real-Time and NOT Self-Paced. Students are expected to “attend” school on the same days in which In Person instruction is being provided. Attendance is dependent on grade level and/or subject. Daily check-ins may be required at certain grade levels and/or subjects.
  • Participation and engagement are key components of Virtual Learning. Virtual Learning is not easy and requires that students take an active role in their learning. Virtual Learning also must be supported by a parent or caregiver. Without this support, the student will not be successful.
  • Failure to complete virtual assignments will be reflected in the student’s education level, grade, and/or promotion. Just like In Person learning, students will be graded and/or will have their educational growth measured.
  • Students are required to take all Ohio state testing in person. Ohio does not have an exception for students that are participating in Virtual Learning for required testing.
  • Students who transition between Virtual Learning and In Person Learning, may or may not have the same teacher(s).  If a student transitions back to Virtual Learning from In Person Learning, that student may not have the same teacher.  This would also be true if the student transitions from In Person Learning to Virtual Learning, he/she teacher(s) may be different.   
  • Students may be removed from Warren Virtual Learning if he/she is not successful. Virtual Learning is not for everyone; there are some that excel, and there are others that find that Virtual Learning is not for them. The building administration and/or counselor at our buildings may remove students that are not meeting their expected level of success. 
  • Students that participate in Virtual Learning are able to participate in extracurricular activities. These activities must happen outside of the regular school day. Students that participate in Virtual Learning are not eligible to participate in curricular or co-curricular activities.


For information on Virtual Learning, please contact your student’s building principal or guidance counselor.


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