Operations and Transportation

Last Updated: 7/14/2021 1:17 PM

Warren Local School District is a large geographic public school district located in Washington County Ohio.  The district covers 196 square miles and is the 26th largest geographical district in Ohio, stretching from Marietta in the east to Athens and Morgan Counties in the west and the Ohio River in the south to State Route 676 in the north.

The district maintains four educational facilities at three different locations; Warren High School and Warren Middle school are centrally located in Barlow with Little Hocking Elementary in Little Hocking servicing the more southern part of the district and Warren Elementary in Warren Township servicing the more northern part of the district. 

It is the goal of our district staff, administration, and board of education to provide the best educational atmosphere for our students and community.  There is a specific board of education committee dedicated to Operations and Transportation; this committee usually meets monthly before the regularly scheduled board of education meetings.  For specific times and location, please contact the office of the superintendent.

Operations and Transportation - Staff

Kyle Newton Superintendent

Kyle Newton



740-678-2366 Ext. 3801

Lisa Spence Director of Operations and Transportation

Lisa Spence

Operations Coordinator


740-678-2366 Ext. 3802

Larry Richie Kennedy Maintenance Supervisor

Larry “Richie” Kennedy

Maintenance Supervisor


740-678-2368 Ext. 5815


Scott Mitchem

Transportation Supervisor


740-678-2368 Ext. 5805

Carol Ingram


Carol Ingram

Transportation Secretary


740-678-2368 Ext. 5801



Warren Local School District
Bus Garage
220 Sweetapple Rd
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Fax: 740-445-5304
Administration Office
220 Sweetapple Road
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Fax: 740-445-5304
Warren High School
130 Warrior Dr.
Vincent, OH 45784
Phone: 740-678-2393
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Warren Middle School
70 Warrior Dr.
Vincent, OH 45784
Phone: 740-678-2395
Fax: 740-445-5302
Warren Elementary
60 Warrior Dr.
Vincent, OH 45784
Phone: 740-445-5300
Fax: 740-445-5301